Friday, July 11, 2008

Overheard Conversations and Naughty Words

Here is part of a recent conversation between Laura and Carina that I overheard:

Laura: "Carina, you need to learn to clean up your toys. When you leave them out, it shows you don't care about them. We are going to take away some of your toys until you learn how to keep your room clean."

Carina's response (in a sad, disappointed voice): "But that will be hundreds of days!"

Another one:

Carina: "Why do I have to use the special shampoo after I go swimming?"

Laura: "Because if you don't your hair will turn green."

Carina: "Really? Do I need to go wash it right now then? Is it too late?"

Natalie (in a sqeeky, opportunistic little voice off to the side): "I need a shower; my hair is turning blue."

And one more involving Laura, Carina, Natalie and I sitting in the car eating ice cream.

Steve (holding a cup of hazelnut ice cream): "Sorry Natalie, you can't have a taste of this. You might be allergic to nuts."

Natalie (to herself, a moment later, in a squeeky little voice): "Dang it! I can't have any ice cream. Dang it!"

Natalie (a few seconds later): "Hmmm... Dang it... That's a naughty word. Hmmm... Stupid! Carina is stupid! Carina is stupid!"

Carina took this in stride; Natalie wasn't saying it to be mean. It sounded more like she was just taking an inventory of her collection of naughty words. We liked that Natalie's repertoire of naughty words is limited to "Dang it" and "Carina is stupid."

Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 4, 200,000,000 b.c.

Kids have a funny sense of time.

While driving to the store earlier today, Carina and I were got talking about the 4th of July. I explained that it is called Independence Day because it was the day the United States declared its independence from England. Carina nodded her head as she listened and said: "Yeah, that was a long time ago, before I was born and even before you and mom or grandma and granpa were born. That was back when Laura [Ingalls Wilder] was alive." (Carina and I have been reading the Little House on the Prairie books together for the last year, and are on the second to last book.)

I explained to Carina that the declaration of independence was made even before Laura was alive. Carina seemed taken aback by this and said, in a surprised voice, "You mean they made the declaration of independence back when dinosaurs were on the earth!?!" I clarified that, actually, the dinosaurs died before the declaration of independence was made and I could see the wheels in her head spinning while she tried to fathom how people could have been around before Laura without dinosaurs running around.