Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cats Can't Drive

Yesterday afternoon, Carina decided to write a book by herself (this wasn't prompted). Here is her book -- funny, original, and impressive for a five year old who hasn't even started kindergarten yet. I've provided a little help below with some of her spelling, though it is kind of fun to try to guess what she wrote without help. The actual book is bound with scotch tape into book format.

Cover Page: "Cats Can't Drive" - "Book By Carina Glasgow"

Page 1: Cat on Skateboard says "Stop this Taxi!" Carina is the girl chasing the skateboard.

Page 2: Text: "She doesn't know that she's going the wrong way!"

Page 3: Cat crying.

Page 4: Cat sleeping - "The End".

Back Cover: A Photo of the Author (Carina asked Laura to print this for her; Carina decided to put a photo on the back cover and she selected the picture).

Dr. Jekyl and Miss Natalie

These are two recent photos of Natalie. I think they do a great job of exhibiting the range of her personality -- sweet and silly (and occasionally wild).

The Graduate

Carina recently graduated from preschool. Her preschool staged an actual graduation ceremony, complete with paper mortarboards, diplomas, and a line of preschoolers marching to Pomp and Circumstance. Carina was proud, though a little sad to be done with school for the summer. She is looking forward to kindergarten this fall.