Sunday, September 14, 2008

One tooth down

Carina lost her first tooth today. She has been wiggling it day and night for the last couple days. We asked Carina what finally popped it out, and she responded: I was munching some goldfish crackers and it was like "Is that a goldfish or is that my tooth?"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Baby Girl (coming soon)!

Laura and I are pleased to announce that we are expecting another baby. Laura had an ultrasound today and we learned that we'll be having a little girl around February 4, 2009. We're excited and are looking forward to having three cute girls running around the house. (And Laura is relieved we won't have to paint one of the bedrooms upstairs; right now the girls' rooms are purple and pink.) We asked the girls a few days ago whether they thought a boy or a girl was coming. Natalie told us it was going to be a "baby sister," but Carina claimed that she received divine inspiration that it would be a boy.
Oddly enough, I had a premonition many years ago that I might be one of those guys that had only girls, and it seems to be coming true. Well, so far so good. We'll see how things are going in 12 years when we have girls aged 17, 14 and 11...


Carina started kindergarten a few days ago. Her school is Sunny Hills Elementary, which is about a mile from our home. She has had a blast and seems to really love school. The picture below was taken as she left for her first day of school.