Sunday, April 12, 2009


We've had a great Easter so far today. The girls woke up at 7:00am, delighted to find a trail of candy leading down the stairs. They were so focused on the trail of candy that they didn't notice we'd moved all of the living room furniture into the dining area and moved the dining table into the living room (and they had to walk through the middle of it). We are cooking for 16 people -- by far the biggest group we've had over for dinner, and we had to shuffle everything around so that everyone will fit.

Here are some cute shots from this morning.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lachlyn's Blessing

Lachlyn had her baby blessing last week. Here she is in the dress Laura made for her:

The blessing was a sweet, spirit filled experience. It was great having my parents in town for the week. Natalie especially enjoyed having her grandparents here and must have talked my mom into reading her 100 story books over the week.

Natalie's Birthday

Natalie turned 3 years old on March 10. After overcoming some initial shyness at having a crowd of family circling around her to watch her open her presents, she had a great time.

Carina's letters

Carina spontaneously decided to write letters to several of her friends from school the other day.
Here is the whole collection. Note in particular the one that is second from the bottom on the right. Houston, we have a problem...

Playtime with Lachlyn

Carina and Natalie are really starting to enjoy having Lachlyn around. Here are a few cute photos:
Like three peas in a pod...