Saturday, January 24, 2009

A day in Seattle

We decided to spend a day in downtown Seattle before the baby comes. We started off by visiting the Olympic sculpture park, which is a brand new park right next to Elliot Bay (just down from the space needle) that is filled with sculptures.

The girls in front of "The Wake"

Natalie in front of two of the Eye Benches, made of black granite

"Split," a tree made out of stainless steel

A view of Elliot Bay and the Olympics

We then went to Ivars, which is a fish 'n chips joint on the waterfront. We were swarmed by seagulls begging for french fries. The girls were more than happy to indulge them.

Carina looking happy and sassy after lunch.
We finished off the outing with a visit to Pike Place Market. We bought some fresh rainbow trout at the Pike Place Fish Market and enjoyed watching them hurl the fish from the iced display to the counter for filleting.

What we said, what she heard

Another anecdote of kids not hearing what you are saying:

The family was in the car together headed to Seattle for the afternoon, and Laura and I got talking about the dead sea scrolls. Carina is listening in on the conversation in the back seat and then, in a confused voice, pipes up:

"What are sea squirrels?"

I can only imagine what she was thinking: Mom and Dad went to see an exhibit at a museum about dead Sea Squirrels?!!?