Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some Highlights from April and May

We've had a great time with the girls the last few weeks. Here are some highlights:

1. Lachlyn rolled over for the first time. She isn't quite 3 months old yet, so her rolling over came as a surprise to us. Lachlyn is also starting to like to put weight on her legs and to be held in a standing position. Here is a shot of her earlier today standing upright by herself, just leaning against the couch. We don't try to encourage this, but she just seems to like it.
2. Carina was in a musical play in kindergarten. The musical was "The Little Red Hen," and Carina was the Steal-eyed Fox. She had a few speaking parts and sang along with her class on all the songs. Carina acted a little shy during her performance -- her voice was a little quite and she was standing turned at an angle away from most of the people in the room -- but she managed to say all her lines right and everything went smoothly. Here is a picture of the class after the performance.

3. Carina is a on a "treats time-out" right now. She stole a few bites of her little sister's ice cream (and wasn't completely truthful about it when questioned about it and other crimes later), so her punishment is that she doesn't get any treats for 10 days. Well, on Saturday morning we were planning to go to the farmers market. The girls had been to the market last week and had been ogling the stand selling fresh doughnuts. Natalie did something good before we left for the market, and Laura told Natalie that she could have some doughnuts at the market as a reward. Carina overheard this and must have come up with a plan because she called Natalie into her room to talk. A minute later, Natalie comes out of her room and tells Laura: "I don't want to eat the doughnuts all by myself. I want to share them with my best friend." Then she turned around and yelled down the hall: "Okay, Carina, I said it!"

4. I caught Carina in the midst of a classic six year old moment this afternoon. I walked into the office to grab a tissue, not realizing anyone was in the office, and suddenly Carina pops her head out from under the desk and says, in a panicked voice: "I wanted to be alone in here!" I decided that this comment and her location merited further investigation, so I asked what she was doing and peeked under the desk and saw this:
She was using a butter knife to shave a large piece of sidewalk chalk into chalk powder, which she was then putting into plastic bags. I'm not quite sure why she was doing it, but she said it had something to do with an experiment she was planning. I let her proceed with her work, outside.
5. And, for good measure, here are a few more cute shots of Lachlyn. She looks pretty good with her underpants on her head...