Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Settling down again

We are settling down into life with three children. Lachlyn is doing great and up to about 9.5 pounds. Here are some pictures:

It has been fun spending the last four weeks at home with the girls. Here are a few funny moments from the last few weeks:
1. Somehow Carina and Natalie discovered Scooby Doo and have been asking to watch it everyday. The other day I heard Natalie responding to an instruction by Carina: "No way Scooby-Doo!"

2. A few days ago Laura heard Natalie desperately calling for help from the bathroom. She found Natalie stuck in the toilet with her arms and legs and head in the air and the rest of her body folded up and stuck below the seat. Natalie is completely potty trained now, but she usually uses a small seat adapter. This time she forgot to put it on and fell in.

3. A few days ago, Natalie came up to me and touched my cheeks, which I hadn't shaved in about a week. She told me: "Hmmmm, I like your fur."

4. I walked in on Carina and Natalie playing a game in the family room. Carina told us they were "playing orphanage." Wow... sounds like fun.

5. Natalie to Laura: "Mom, my eyebrows hurt." I offered her some "medicine" (a.k.a. a Cadbury mini egg) and she said it made her feel much better. Not surprisingly, when she realized that the medicine was chocolate, she let us know only moments later that her other eyebrow suddenly hurt too.
6. Natalie is very excited for her third birthday, which is coming up on March 10. She equates springtime with her birthday, so when Laura mentioned the other day that it looked like spring had arrived because the crocuses were blooming and the daffodils and tulips were coming up, Natalie excitedly said "Springtime!?! It's March 10? It's my birthday?!!!"